Tuesday, 11 December 2018

aberiginoil art

sorry i did not get the photo but idid have fun designing it by this is all i can say...????

flower pot

hi my name is kahurangi and this is my pottery i hope you enjoy looking at it it is the coolest thing i have designed

Monday, 10 December 2018

art creation

 We decided to do a christmas tree. The reason why we used a plastic bottle is because we can have fun while picking up and using rubbish. Hope you enjoy our video....

Tuesday, 4 December 2018


Keyhole Narrative

One night a father and son were having dinner when they heard strange knocks and noises around the doorstep. The father went to have a look at who was there the dad was scared so he had a little hole in his door it was called a peephole he had a look through the hole and seen nothing he looked a little bit more than he seen something in the distance. He said “son run through the backdoor and get in the car now” the father ran with him. The father was weak but he looks strong because he is stocky and tall the son is tall as well but he is strong there is a little bit of a difference between them the father's name is bill and the sons name is timethy after they got in there car they saw the monster like thing lurking in the distance they were scared so bill started the car slowly the monster like thing heard the car then he started to charge at them they drove of in a hurry the didn't know what to do `. It had gotten morning by the time they reached the south island timethy was asleep but bill was not tired he was still thinking about the monster like thing he was thinking also about calling the police. When he did call the police the checked there rader and they were like this is a an identified object it was like nothing they have seen even they were scared cause it was super big and it had hud thighs and arms they were so scared that they had to call the army the responded in away that no one thought they would responded in they said “we will take the monster on no problemo. The police and bill thought they were going to be scared but they were wrong bill was really happy that he had the airforce with him and a day later the police said that they had his back to. When timothy woke up from his deep sleep he had forgotten about the monster in there house bill said morning son how was your sleep did you dream about something timothy said no but what are we doing in the cr in the middle of the forest well it looks like the forest i dont no but what we doing in the car you tell me remember there was the monster lurking in the distance timothy said oh yeah is he gone cause i want to go home now can please yes yes son we are going because the police and air force is following as timothy said yeaha unless we know we are safe bill said you don't know that right know there could be several there but we only seen one that's why i asks for backup ok so we will stop at a shop and see if we can get a feed ok just be patient timothy said ok but hurry my stomach is rumbling after a while they found out that the next mcdonalds or fish in chip shop was not to 2 hour away timothy remembered that he keeps a stash of burgers in a secret hot grill area he was stoked that he had remembered one good thing ……????? To be continued

animation voice over

Animation Voice Over

Hi my name is kahurangi and this is my animation this is my warrior he is walking in the cave to draw what he is going to hunt he is going to go find a cow and hunt him. Then there going to chase him in his friend will get thrown into the volcano and die the the last guy will kill the cow then cook the cow then eat the cow like it is yum juice steak. Then he gonna go to sleep and wake up then live his life…….????? >:

christmas poem