Thursday, 17 June 2021

The Jacket (part 2)


Task Description: Today i finished off this task, I read the story then answered the questions given to me. I learnt that confrintations are necessary, but you need to watch and be careful how u carry them out.

Thursday, 10 June 2021

Introduction to decamils


Task Description: Today i worked on this slide, it was pretty easy to get through. This slide was about decamils.

Thursday, 3 June 2021



Yesterday we had FIAFIA, 2 thousand + people showed up to watch our perforamnces. The group I performed in was Kapa Haka because I am maori, we were the first group to perform, I was happy and excited to kick of the night with a Bang!!. My favourite item was the Tongan Boys, because it was hyped and was really fun, also i liked the little moves they did at the end, EVERYONE was cheering. 

Also this was my last ever FIAFIA, so im glad this was the best one ive participated in. I would like to thank the staff members for making this possible, and to the coachers for teaching us, you taught as well. For the other genarations coming in, do your best and make your family proud.

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Yr8 Reflection

 On year 8 camp we had the best times, from paintballing to flying fox, to axe throwing and the concert night. This is my reflection on the kauaeranga valley christian camp. When we arrived we were excited for the couple days ahead, we unpacked our bags of the bus and sat down, we were introduced to the people that own the camp and then introduced to our cabons. When we settled in we got ready for our first activity, After the acitivty we had lunch the free time, next we had showers then got ready for our dinner, we were singing and had alot of fun, for dinner we had butter chicken, IT WAS YUM!!.

The next morning we had breakfest then got ready for our long day of activities , first we did the flying fox, then the agility course, then also we did this challenge were you had to lift tyrs of this long tall poll. NExt we did paintballing, for some reason i deciding to run around shirt less, but i wasnt hurt, because its no effect. Then we did camp search and axe throwing, and also air rifles. My favourite activtie was paint balling because it was funny running around trying to hit people but also trying not to get hit. after all this we had lunch then free time, then we had dinner, this time we had nachos. Next we had concert night, but sadly my team did not come first. after all this we went to sleep.

Next morning we packed our gears and went to this garden place, it was so fun, it was full of animals and it had funny jokes every were, We had a piece of paper and we had to find things well walking around the place. Next we had lunch, then back on the bus and back home. 

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Nearby Habitable Planets and How to get There pt.1


Task Description: Today we started on our topic, our topic is about finding nearby planet we could live on, and possible inventions we would need to use to sustain our life on that planet.

Thursday, 13 May 2021

extension walk around

On Wednesday we went for a walk around Glenn Innes and we tried out some of the games we have been designing, during term 1. First we went for a walk and found some drawing, we had to piece together letters to make a word, and finish the image. Next we found letters hanging in trees and we had to put them together and make a word. Then we went for a walk up the road to find food hanging in trees (not real food) and some drawings of food on the ground. We also found some big drawings in the middle of the round about, i think it was a great idea, because they were looking a bit plain with nothing there. Then the last game we tried was the best, it was a racing game were their was 2 players, and they had to run then stop at a place and do the challenge it says on the ground, then run to the end. When we arrived at school we discussed how fun they games were, and  we should keep then around...Personally i think it was great, it was fun and interactive.