Thursday, 2 July 2020


One of my higlights were being in Miss Stones class because she is fun and very very kind"im not saying the others teachers arn't. Matariki day i got to do sports for matariki it was fun we played kiorahi, and comming back to school, comming back to school was fun because we got to see all our friends. Comming to school was exciting because we got to see our friends and learniwith our teachers, i was happy because my dad got me into a habbit of finihsing all my work on time thanks Dad. Also i was happy because i got to see my teachers. in Lockdown it was cool because my dad made ,e do all my work and now is a normal habbit.

My fight

Task description Reading the my fight text then awnsering quetions based on the story.

Monday, 29 June 2020

Fractions level 2.21

Task description today we did maths we were spotting Improper Fractions anf fractions

Wednesday, 24 June 2020


scroll down to see how to spot fake news.

1. Language if the words don’t make sense or if there are any mocks towards this topic the it might not be real,2. The site, if the site has no add and all normal stuff from news sites then it might not be real,3,name if the name sounds suspicious then search the name and see if and more.4, Search the the subject, searching this subject will help you figure out if it’s fake because it will or will not be on reliable news sites, 5 Reverse image chek using the images from this site you can google them and find out if these incidents were true or if they were photoshopped.


OK THIS IS REAL ONE this is my screencast enjoy have a good day?

Spotting fake news

task description: today we read a story then wrote about it and facts from it.

Fractions Level 2.1

ask description: in this task today we learnt about equivalent fractions we were learning what were other fractions made out of one fraction.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Scandlous satire

Task description: today we learnt what satire was and then read story on sites and figured out wether this story was real or not real. also thinking of what the purpose of the story is too. Three things you can do to find if it's real or not, 1. Look this subject up and see if other sites have talked about it, 2. read the vocabulary on the site to see if there words wmatch what there trying to say, 3. look at the site if there adds and other articles that you have seen on this site then it's most likely to be real.