Monday, 18 June 2018

task decsription

Hi my name is kahurangi and this is my groups reading task we had to read the story then we had to lable the countrys i hope you enjoy

Thursday, 14 June 2018

matariki day

Last friday after school my mum decided that we will leave early we went to a few shops first to get some munchies. Next we started to drive up north the place that we were going to was opononi before we got up north my mum stop well i went to the toilet. There was two ways we could get up north 1 way was dardvile and the other way was whangarei went whangarei way because we can stop in to KFC and cause there were more lights so we would see the road and have less risk of crashing. Then wen we got to KFC we stopped on the side off the road to have a munch it was sad because my baby sister was asleep when we finished we kepped on driving. Finally were a mum i said. After i said that we got out and got our stuff out of the car.Next my mum pulled my baby sister out and put her inside then she woke but it was good be she didn't cry. The next day oh i forgot to tell my cousin has her own caravan out on the grass further down her name is tepeehi in her caravan she has 2 big speakers hooked up to a cd player that you can put the music disc in and its hooked up to a radio. Then we went to sleep THE NEXT DAY kme and my cousin went for a walk on the beach in the morning we also walked on the walf. When we got back home we had fresh fish in chips if u haven't tried there fish in chips u should the fish is delicious crunchy fish and the inside is nice and hot it does not at all taste fishy ether ways let's get back to my story. After our chips me and my cousin went in to the caravan closed the door and blasted the speakers the speakers were so loud the caravan went shaking after a while our nane told as of because it was so loud you could hair it inside.then we went for another walk and my cousin sore her friend and i was like emmmmm because i didn't no hem. Then i decided to head back and my cousin followed when we got back it was getting dark so i said night to my cousin and went in side cause if i go inside i will be scared to walk in the dark to the caravan if i wanted to go back because i think clowns or scary things will pop out of nowhere so thats why. After i went to sleep my baby sister woke me up around about five in the morning so i turnt the tv on and we just played and watched cartoons till my mum told as to stop being noizy. After my cousins friend came over she was a girl i can't remember her name thoe but she looked pretty and she had a funny accent then i went for a walk with them and then we saw there other friend he was a boy and his nickname was x vader . then it got dark and i was getting tired so i went home and went to sleep the next day me and my with my baby sister packed our bags and had a lovely trip bach to AUCKLAND THE END.