Monday, 31 July 2017

i survived story

Today i read a story could i survived the story is about a young boy and his dad. they were getting chased by evil people hew were trying to still there money when they were running  they run into a town could Pompeii just when they got there this mountain erupted. TO BE CONTINUED

Thursday, 27 July 2017


we all walked to the hall and we sate on our bottoms. next the assembly started. This is a new . Then team  2 was the next team 2 showed there movie there movie was them singing about space  they were saying things about the planets and allsorts of stuff like aliens.Team 3 is my team and we are learning about time and also space.times of our lives and all sorts. Team 4 was next they showed people trying to look for air to breeth on planets so when earth gets piloted we can move to a different planet and be one big happy family  again. Team 5 they sang their own song and they use the moana song beatIn the end we all went back to class and started our writing for the start of the term. When we got back to class we wrote about what we saw at assembly.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

reading activite

Where is it from?
Where does it migrate to?
River sides
What times of the year does it migrate?

Other interesting facts: (please list at least 4):

  1. Eels and tuna migrate twice a year.
  2. Different cues help other animals when it is time to migrate  
  3. Animals are always on the move but some animals move much further than others
  4. Animals that migrate come to different shapes and sizes

Sunday, 2 July 2017

rahi and patuaiarehe

this is the story of rahi and patupaiarehe

tamarereti movie

hi my name is kahurangi and this is my movie that i made for you guys and girls.i hop you guys and girls enjoy it and please leave comments.