Thursday, 29 June 2017

you what to do a bomb

Jumping  into the cold blue water the boy does a big  bomb. Jumping He made a massive splash of water and it nearly came all day way back up.looking for the boy god wonderd were
He was but in no time he was back up there”it is like he is magic all something.

Beside god boy started to talk about his nahn doing bigger bombs in his family. Under the blue sky god was saying that where did that come from you mum all some one.and boy asked god if he could give him a chop chop and sprinkles ice cream but god said nothing come for free mat and boy said that's true bro.

Powerfully god jumped off the rocks into the cold freezing water on his way down he did a three 60 and a double backflip.powerfully god hit the water causing the water to explode “what i mean is it splashed so big it came right back up to were they where standing.bravely And the boy was like wow you are god and god said i told yah.

Sunday, 11 June 2017


soaring through the sky i feel like superman.Crashing through the waves i feel like a dolphin. This
Experience is Feeling that you get every so often hopping over the waves butterflies fill my tummy.spinning and twirling through the air i show all the supporters all the tricks i am able to do i can hear cheering and screaming from my supporters the hardest part going kite surfing is packing up having to pull the kite  in on a windy day kite surfing  is sutch a incredible sport.

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Orienteering is a thing used by maps the maps  guide as where to go.” But the only thing i have to do is find the place and go there when we get to the place there are these poles the poles have 10 sharp points on them. You have to put your paper under the sharp points and clip the space you are doing and you keep on  doing it until you finish your slide. We had to have buddies my buddie was Simon. Simon did the clipping i did the map we were working as a team. We were the 3rd  team to finish. And when we started to go back i ful over and ful in the mud. Then when we got back i washed my dirty feet of it was a bit slimey when the water touched it. After i finished washing my feet i went to class and did my work. And then the next tuesday we did it again just by ourselves “like with no partners.”

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

reading sumurry

victor is  amazing  he is protecting the galaxy  every time he wins a fight he get s new battle gear hes gear is legend legend people have used them that is why its legend the gear is so good it can take 100 punch and there punch is so hard like a rock and they still cant brak wonder whats next                              \

Monday, 5 June 2017

silent reading

victor is a pro now he is saving the  galaxy and the people and also the would also the humans and thats all i think he is going to` start to save animals it would be nice if nothing died i wonder whats up next.


me and my mats were walking we all heard this s and we stopped and then when we looked around our shoulder and we saw a big fat creature he had long nails so long he looks like a girl. And he was really really tall so tall his the eiffel tower. There is yucky slime that drops out of his mouth it looks so so yuk i wish that the slime was water cause i was really thirsty so thirsty i could drink anything but i can't cause it  mihgt be yuk         

silent reading

victor final neally a pro at light savers and when he is a pro he is going to teach other people at the jedi academy. or he maybe could save the galaxy and the people i wonder what he is going to pick.