Sunday, 3 September 2017


Write about what your Rocketship looks like, and it’s special powers.
My rocket is sponsored by ready jet go. It has green thrusters that shoot at can burn the ground. My super power would be it gives me Mcdonald firing flames thald's and fizzy drinks.

Write about boarding your rocket ship, and the take off.
As I am getting onto my ship I had noticed that my door was to high but how do I get up the door is to high but lucky I got a hover board to get up and I think the my hover board is faster than a jet so. it will get me up in no time as I take of the thrusters start to fire up and take of the flames were billowing under the thruster it looks so amazing

Write about your trip, where do you go? What do you see? What is it like in space?
As i take of i can see everybody cheering for me the planet that i'm going to Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system the solar system only has one star that star is the sun. the sun is not a planet like pluto it is a dewulf planet.

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