Sunday, 13 September 2020

Our maori special moment

Māori Language week celebrated at Oamaru Library - Waitaki District CouncilToday is our first day celebrating maori launguage week,To show our appreciation of this launguage our whole scholo will stop and sing a song form their class at 12pm. The reason we are doing this is becaue back in 1972 32,00 people signed the petition in order to keep Te Reo maori "no matter what language you speak you are allowed to celebrate it". The reason keeping your langage is important is because, if you stop speaking it then you slowly forget, then when it's time to pass it on you have forgoten. so learn your langauge and pass it on, also treasure it with all your heart.
Proof that we sang a song.

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  1. Mahi pai Kahurangi, It's good to see you appreciating not just what you guys did, but also why we do it. It's important for us to look after, and make sure to pass on the things that make Maori culture unique, and important to us as New Zealanders. Kia mau Kahu!